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    Terça feira é dia de artigo na JUSTIMPRESS. O tema de hoje está relacionado com o dress code que cada situação exige!! Já leram?? Clicar AQUI!

Tuesday is the day for writing to JUSTIMPRESS. Today’s theme is related to the dress code demanded by  every situation!! Have you read it??


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Gostaram das dicas??

Did you enjoy the tips??





Summer is a season that is prone to the most varied dates, parties, dinners, and events, both formal and informal. And here are always lots of doubts on how to present ourselves for a particular situation!! There’s always a demanded dress code, either explicit on the invitation or intuitively set. Here are some tips for some situations!!

One of the very first details to pay attention to, in case you have a date, is to create visual harmony, that is, you should wear similar styles in order to avoid one looking more casual than the other, or the opposite!!


SPORTS EVENT – Despite the nature of the event, loose the jeans and the tennis shoes, or even bermudas and nautical shoes. Only sporty chic looks are allowed, including knitted, linen, crepe and suede pieces. The shoes can be flat, platform, medium heeled or moccasin. Take medium purses in canvas or leather. Avoid jewelry and costume jewelry!


LUNCHES, COCKTAILS OR VERNISSAGES (DAYTIME) – These situations require special care with the look, but without the formality of night events! You’re allowed to wear blazers with skirts or basic dresses with little cleavage. Brilliance is forbidden, embroidery and lace are avoidable. Accessories should not be flashy or include excessive stones.


COCKTAILS, DINNERS AND OTHER NIGHT EVENTS – If the invitation requires formal wear, there’s no room for negotiation!!! The situation demands bold models and noble fabrics like satin and silk crepe. Transparencies, lace and embroidery are accepted; previously mentioned fabrics and models are forbidden, as well as boots. If you opt for flat shoes, they should have sophisticated details and noble fabrics as well.


BLACK TIE – It means that men should wear tuxedo, white shirt, black or burgundy sash belt, and women should wear ling dresses! The fabrics allowed include satin, taffeta, muslin, lace, brocade, golden and silver. The shoes must be high-heeled. The purses should be minimal or really small clutches. Wear jewelry and brilliance, but with moderation.


Remember that simplicity is the safe way to go to any event. If you want to be bold, don’t do it in more than one garment; the look will be heavy and inadequate!!!





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