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Today I’ve written one more article for my partnership with Livening Magazine, from ANA airports!!! Today’s post brings reeeeeally trendy tips for several situations that you might find on a trip, regardless of its purpose!!!

These posts remind me of trips I’ve made that enriched me in many ways!!1 I don’t know if I was as glamorous as my current suggestions, but I’ve tried…

Here are the proposals… But you have to read the tips HERE!!!


    Hoje foi dia de mais uma colaboração com a Revista Livening – Ana Aeroportos!! O post de hoje reserva umas dicas muiiiito fashion para as várias situações que podem compor uma viagem, qualquer que se ja o seu cariz!!

     Estes posts reportam-me para algumas viagens que já fiz e me enriqueceram em várias formas!! Não sei se fui tão glamourosa como as propostas que apresento, mas tentei….


     Aqui ficam as propostas… Quanto às dicas, vão ter de as ler AQUI!!!












MUAH *.*



English Version

    Generally speaking, we all love travelling!! We can enjoy little moments in our business trips, although they’re not intended for leisure, and those moments will take us to another reality, where the feeling of new air is trulyreal!!

Even before traveling, there’s a task that, depending on the personality, can become a hurtful exercise!! The moment I refer to is packing the bags!! I love it, because I have to exercise my ming as I’ve told you on my last tip. which I hope was useful regarding the moment I’ll be mentioningnow!!

I’ve decided to bring you some suggestions on looks that seem appropriate for a future trip in a place where temperatures go below°C or less.

Well, if the temperatures are colder, I suggest a good cover for the trip or for walking the city with a casual look: an  oversized coat! Theoversized garments are going to be fundamental for the cold season!!


How about a look similar to the following?? Cute, right??

If it’s a formal situation, you should pick a more stern look, although feminine!! A belt could be good for that purpose, because it’s always good for shaping the feminine shapes!! Cristian Dior has presented the following looks that I believe to fit a business meeting perfectly!! Do you agree?

Finally, I bring you another suggestion within the professional field!! In case you intend to show correctness and professionalism with a stern look,there’s nothing like a military outfit!! In my view, it should work to intimidate the business partner!! Eheheh…. Salvatore Ferragamo has the look you’re looking for, if this is the case!!!

And if  your days end with glamorous cocktails or trendy dinners, my suggestion goes to the irreprehensible  Gucci gawns!! There’s nothing like ending the day in such an outfit….


Be glamorously happy!!!



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