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     Hoje é terça….logo dia de participação do The Fashion Adviser no Facebook da JUSTIMPRESS!!! O artigo de hoje é sobre os Saldos!!  Resolvi fazer um MANUAL DOS SALDOS: AS 15 DICAS INFALÌVEIS!!!  Vão perder???

Today is Tuesday… so, it’s The Fashion Adviser’s turn to write on Facebook’s page for JUSTIMPRESS!!! Today’s article is on clearance sales!!! I’ve decided to create the MANUAL ON CLEARANCE SALES: THE 15 INFALLIBLE TIPS!!!! Are you going to miss it???




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O que acharam? Concordam ou acrescentariam mais algum mandamento imperdível???

What did you think? Do you agree, or would you add any more commandment???






English Version:




Here comes the time of clearance promotions and sales!!! For some, they mean pleasant moments searching for some garments that were left over for this season, but, for others, this time represents a boring phase, due to the decision-making it obliges.

For those who fit the latest description, here’s the “Manual for Clearance Sales: the 15 Commandments”. The purpose os to give you some guiding tips for those who feel lost among all the products with great price reductions, of 50%, 60% or even more (if you go to an outlet store).


So, pay attention to the following tips:

1)      Stipulate an initial budget.

2)    Analyze your wardrobe in order to find possible missing pieces.

3)      Make a list of what you really need, so you don’t buy duplicates.

4)      Search online for the pieces you want to buy.

5)     Compare the prices online before you go to the actual shops.

6)     Don’t go for shopping right in the beginning of the clearance promotions. Remember that, some days later, the prices will drop even more (except for those who wear really small sizes).

7)      Choose quality over quantity.

8)     Don’t give in to the impulse of buying lots of pieces just because they’re cheap.

9)      If your budget allows it, pick some timeless, statement pieces.

10)   Don’t buy below your size, hoping it will fit someday. That day may never come, and the investment is not worth it.

11)   If you can’t make up your mind, don’t buy it. Most likely you’ll arrive home and regret the buy, and you’ll never wear the garment.

12)   Don’t ask the shop employees for an opinion, they’ll always tell you to buy. Besides, all the attention will be focused on you, so you’ll end up buying.

13)   Don’t go shopping when you’re tired. You’ll want to speed up the process and buy as fast as you can and go home. Best options are not made under pressure.

14)  Never go over your budget, except if both price and usefulness, as well as pertinence, justify your choice.

15)  If you feel too insecure and incapable of making a decision, ask for help to an image consultant.