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     Quem acompanha o The Fashion Adviser, já tem conhecimento da minha participação como blogger na rede social brasileira LooknBe. O LooknBe é a primeira rede social brasileira dedicada a moda e a beleza.

Those of you who follow The Fashion Adviser know that I take part at the Brazilian social network LooknBe, as a blogger. LooknBe is the first brasilian social network dedicated to fashion and beauty.


Descobre o LooknBe Brasil
Find out more about LooknBe Brazil!
O 1° passo é fazer a inscrição através do link:
The first step is the registration, just follow the link:
     No site existe uma seção chamada “Look das Blogueiras”, onde os participantes do LooknBe podem votar nos seus looks e conhecer melhor o perfil das Bloggers. Os meus já lá estão!! Já viram???
At the site, there’s a section called “The Bloggers’ Look”, where participants can vote on the looks and get to know the bloggers better. Mine are already there! Have you seen them?
O artigo de hoje é sobre acessórios statment. Como os usar? Que tipo de personalidade lhes estão associados??
Today’s article is on statement accessories. How to wear them? What sort of personalities do they fit???
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Gostaram das dicas?? Qual é o vosso estilo em termos de acessórios??
Did you enjoy the tips??
What is your style in terms of accessories??
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The Fashion Adviser has dug into the trendy accessories for Winter/Fall 2012/2013 in Europe. Just like in Brazil, some trends will persist, and one of them is the extra large accessorizing. 

As an image consultant, I always advise my readers to choose accessories that make a difference. I believe that these pieces say a lot about women’s personalities. My experience allows me to build some attitude profiles based on accessories.

A woman with a large accessory is usually one who’s not afraid to make a statement, or even to stand out. I advise these women to wear a single, visually appealing piece.

But not only those who pick large accessories have this type of personality. Some don’t wear pieces as big, but they mix lots of accessories: lots of bracelets, necklaces or rings at the same time… This option can be dangerous, because you need a really developed sense of fashion to reach a perfect result. There are not many women who can wear more than one piece without looking excessively heavy and out of fashion. The results can turn either absolutely trendy or absolutely catastrophic.

Another woman, equally glamorous, is that who is able to join, in a single look, several accessories at a time: a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and a watch: the result is a balanced, sophisticated look.

For those who reveal some insecurity in terms of accessorizing and haven’t defined their style, I advise moderation. For example, wear a statement accessory and with small, discreet companions.

Women who love a good amount of accessories but don’t know how to wear them, start picking some identical pieces (all silver, all golden), even if you add a lot of color. For example, join a series of bracelets or necklaces. The use and size of other pieces should be avoided.

If you’re really undecided when picking an accessory, you should opt for pieces that combine, for instance, a necklace with a ring and a pair of earrings. Do not wear more than 2 or 3 identical pieces!

One other option for those who search for their identity is copying looks of people who are related to fashion somehow, and with whom you identify with.

In case of total disorientation, find an image consultant

Did you like the tips??




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